easyCar Club – Our First Year in Review

easyCar Club CEO, Richard Laughton, gives a recap on our first year, a year of exciting changes and of incredible growth. 

Happy Birthday easyCar Club!

As we start our second year of national operations I’m delighted to share some of the milestones we’ve achieved together as members of easyCar Club in the past 12 months and some of the highlights for the year to come.

A bigger community. From just over a thousand owners and renters in early February 2013 we’re now at more than 12,000 – a tenfold increase in one year. Whilst London had been our early focus, we now have cars available in every county of England and we’re the second biggest car club in the country. This year we’ll be aiming to cover all of Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland too.

Member Numbers

Money back in pockets. Despite the fall in petrol prices it hasn’t got any cheaper to run a car in the UK. By renting out their cars our members have benefitted from hundreds of thousands of pounds in rental income over the last 12 months that otherwise would have gone to a rental company – and at the same time renters have benefitted from thousands of cheaper, more convenient rentals, so it’s a genuine win/win.

App-y days. In summer we launched our first iOS app. Making it even simpler to manage car availability and accept bookings, the app has proved a success for owners, and is used by renters to make a growing proportion of bookings. Apologies to Android users – there were more iPhone users, and we aim to have an app for you out later this year… but we’ve worked hard on our mobile responsive site in the meantime.

Lovelier than Apple… The joy of renting from other people seems to be, well, other people…. When we’ve asked renters whether they’d recommend the service we get a resounding yes – in fact, our surveys over the last 12 months have shown a higher proportion of people saying that they would recommend renting in our community than would recommend Apple. High praise indeed for the owners who make their cars available for others to use.


Member Ratings – Word Cloud


Really getting together. We’re aware of two couples that have rented an easyCar Club car to get married. Not sure if you told us about your easyCar wedding? Let us know! We’ve also hosted our first two member meet ups, where we’ve aimed to create a few more engagements.

And coming up… We’re continuing to grow apace and we expect to be the UK’s biggest car club by summer. If you’re flying off on holiday this year we will have an exciting new service to use at the airport – more news on this soon. And we’re offering all easyCar club members discounts on their overseas travel too. We’re adding new things to the service all the time and will continue to make sure that our members are the first to hear about it.