easyCar Club Net Promoter Score hits 47 – what that number means for our members

At easyCar Club, we have profiled many of our owners over the last 12 months and told the stories of a number of easyCar Club heroes. But now we think it’s time to give our members a chance to speak for themselves.

Since our national launch we have constantly been surveying our renter members to understand their experiences of the sharing economy and get their views about how we could improve our service. While we already knew that there were convenient, hassle-free rentals going on every day all over the UK, we didn’t quite realise the scale of the satisfaction until now.
Our first ever Net Promoter Score results gives us an NPS of 47. That means we are batting well above our weight, ranking ahead of some of Britain’s best loved brands like Wagamama, Alton Towers and Costa. We haven’t got far to go before we can delight you as much as your next day delivery from Amazon, but it looks like it may be some time before we’ll be as beloved as our customer’s iPhones or iPads. You can see more rankings here.

The NPS is just one measure of how our customers are feeling about easyCar Club, but the score is supported by a much more valuable resource – our reviews. Like all your favourite market places, easyCar Club contains thousands of reviews by renters and owners. Not only are these a valuable source of intelligence for potential renters when choosing a car, they also give a great insight into the experiences that people are having in renting peer-to-peer vehicles. So good in fact that the average rating by first time renters is 4.9 out of 5.

5 stars btchFigures like this are great news for easyCar Club and validation that we are so far succeeding in our goal of building the UK’s favourite peer-to-peer car sharing market place. However, they are also a great motivation for our team to keep improving the experience until we overtake Apple in the NPS rankings.