easyCar Club Spotlight – Chris and Morgan’s Peugeot Expert

In the first article of our ‘Spotlight’ series – a series aimed at showing off the very best that easyCar Club has to offer – we’d like to introduce you to Chris and Morgan’s Peugeot Expert.

Morgan and Chris’ Peugeot Expert has tons of space and a ramp for a wheelchair user

Not only is their van the only one of its type in easyCar Club, it has also been adapted to accommodate wheelchair access. They purchased the car for a relative who uses a wheelchair who only comes to visit a couple of months a year. This means that for the other months, the van is sitting in the drive waiting to be used. For this reason, they decided to add it to the site, offering it below the market value and available to be booked instantly.

With a huge amount of space in the back, the van is also perfect for a flat move or a trip to Ikea (with the Tottenham branch just a 15-minute drive away). One of our Drivers, Hannah, booked the car in May for a move and gave it a 5-star rating and a glowing review.

“A very helpful owner with an absolutely HUGE vehicle. Would highly recommend both. Thanks for a smooth rental!” – Hannah

Chris and Morgan have ordered their free personalised flyers from easyCar Club and will be advertising in their local area soon, so, if you’re planning on an outing with a wheelchair user or just want to lug that bookcase home from the furniture store, be sure to make a booking for Chris and Morgan’s Peugeot Expert before it gets booked up!