Establishing Condition of the Car Before and After your Rental

When hiring with easyCar Club, it is important to remember that, like any other car hire arrangement, you’re responsible for any damage that occurs during the rental, so you should make sure that any existing damage is clearly documented before the rental begins.

Owners will provide a Condition Report which catalogues any pre-existing damage. At the start of the rental you should review this and point out any omissions. If in doubt, take photographs!

At the end of the rental, you can then agree that you returned the car in the same condition. Where you do not meet the Owner in person, you must take photos of the condition of the car as you left it.

 The following eight photos must be taken as a minimum:

  • Dashboard including fuel gauge
  • Full car shots on all sides of the vehicle with wheels position in a straight orientation
    • Front right
    • Front left
    • Rear right
    • Rear left
    • Driver side
    • Passenger side
  • Where it is parked

Make sure that your pictures are:

  • High resolution
  • Well lit – use your camera flash and take more close up shots if necessary
  • In focus

Here are some example images:

Dashboard including fuel gauge


Front right

Front left

Rear right

Rear left

Driver side

Passenger side

Where it is parked

P1190398 (2)

You should retain your photos until your Damage Deposit has been returned. We recommend that you submit these photos against the specific booking under Your Trips via the App or by logging in to your dashboard as soon as you take them. Alternatively, you can email the photographs to

Further details about what to do at pick up and drop off will be set out in your Booking Voucher.