February Picks: Pancake Day Breakfast Places


Shrove Tuesday is fast approaching, so you’d ‘batter’ hurry if you want to get you hands on some great pancakes. Originally the last day of gorging before Lent, Pancake Day is now a much larger celebration of the dish. Now pancakes can be gluten-free or vegan, sweet or savoury, American or French! Making them at home is fun, but why settle for something ordinary when there are so many restaurants that specialise in making these tasty treats. Ditch the pre-made batter and the squeezy lemon and take a day trip to one of these phenomenal pancake places.



Antonia's Mini Cooper

Established in 1958, My Old Dutch now has three shops across London and serves sweet and savoury pancakes all day long. The menu is impressive, covering delicately folded crêpes to tottering mounds of pancakes. Being Dutch, the shop also serves poffertjes (a kind of miniature pancake popular in Amsterdam). With quirky items on the menu like ‘Butterscotch Magnifique’ (a stack of fluffy butterscotch pancakes topped with everything chocolatey) and ‘Star-Trek on Nutella’ (a pancake pile decked with stars). Rent Antonia’s Mini Cooper to enjoy your day in the capital; you won’t want to do much walking with a tummy full of My Old Dutch’s pancakes.



Shakeeb's BMW X6

The Creperie in Brighton has a French take on the pancake, offering up galettes (savoury pancakes made with buckwheat flour) and sweet crêpes. The Creperie’s pancake fillings, however, have more of an international feel with options including Sri Lankan curry, New York deli and Mexican fajita! If you’d like to make an event of it, the restaurant can be booked for movie and karaoke parties. The whole menu is gluten-free, making it a great spot for coeliacs to enjoy. The restaurant is located on the seafront, so you can easily take a beach stroll or have a wander through the lanes after your meal. Rent Shakeeb’s BMW X6 to transport you to this pier-side pancake paradise.




Voted one of the UK’s top indy coffee shops, Combibos is renowned for its coffee and breakfasts. Enjoy their American style pancakes topped with sugar, lemon or maple syrup or opt for their more decadent blueberry version. The cafe is a great place to sit and get a bit of work done or just relax and enjoy the papers. Due to its popularity the cafe is often very busy so arrive early to get a table and avoid a wait for your food. Situated in the city centre, Combibos is a great place to start your tour of the city. Rent Delroy’s Ford Focus to take you to from London to Oxford without the stress of a train or bus.



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Head to Moose Coffee in Liverpool to sample their highly reviewed pancakes. These super filling breakfast treats are made in the Canadian/American style and have portion sizes to match! Their ‘Double Dutch’ pancakes are filled with bacon and smoked sausage and their sweet options include ‘granola chocolate’ and ‘apple with salted caramel’. This little restaurant is always bustling with people eager to try some of the American breakfast culture in the UK. Rent Richard’s Ford Focus for your journey to Merseyside and brilliant brunch.


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