How the Sharing Economy Crosses Generations

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One of the many benefits of sharing is that it brings people together, regardless of profession, gender, age or location. We took a look at the average age of our members to show just how much variety there is.

With an average age gap between owners and renters of over 10 years, we see quite clearly that the sharing economy can cross generations. We also found our largest age gap in one booking was between a 21-year-old renter and a 67-year-old renter, that’s a whopping 45-year age gap! On the other end of the spectrum, our smallest age gap featured an owner and a renter who are not just the same age, they actually share a birthday!

At easyCar Club, we see the sharing economy as being completely unlimited by any personal, economical or social factors and we’re glad to see that our membership reflects this.

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