International athlete Ricardo takes a hop, skip and a jump onto the easyCar Club Hero podium!

As the cost of car ownership continues to rise each year, UK motorists are looking for new ways to minimise the impact on their wallet. Many have signed up with easyCar Club in order not only to reduce the environmental impact of their car, but also to earn money to pay for regular maintenance. Some have traded in their gas guzzlers for smaller cars or economically efficient electric cars. And then there are those, like our latest easyCar Club Hero, Ricardo, who have done both.

easyCar Club Hero Ricardo with his Nissan Leaf

easyCar Club Hero Ricardo with his Nissan Leaf

About Ricardo

A PhD student at Loughborough University, Ricardo began the academic year by buying his first ever electric car. As well as studying and working at the university, he is an international Triple Jumper and so was able to take advantage of a discount offered by Nissan to selected athletes in the UK. His Nissan Leaf makes a mockery of any and all stereotypical attributes of an electric car, with a top speed of over 90 miles per hour, heated seats and an energy efficient Bose sound system. What’s more, the fact that the car is electric has made his running costs considerably lower than those of the average car owner. He pays a small annual fee which allows him to recharge at a number of charge points, and he doesn’t have to pay the congestion charge when he visits London over the holiday period.

Why easyCar Club?

Since Ricardo lives and works on campus, he doesn’t have to use his car every day, usually reserving it for long trips over the weekend so he put his car up on easyCar Club in October. Since then, he has already had two rentals of his car, including a weeklong rental. He says that he has no big plans for the money that he has earned, and that he signed up to the site so that he could share with the community and show people that it’s not just good to be green – it can also be a lot of fun!

Ricardo's 5-star easyCar Club Review

Advice to other members

His advice to Owners is to have an appropriate mindset about your car – to trust that others will use it responsibly and to remember how much you’re helping the community by offering it on the site. Self-marketing is also key – Ricardo lets other workers and students at the university know of the car that he has to offer and even offers discount rates to his friends. He also shares his easyCar Club profile on his Twitter page for maximum exposure on and off campus.

If you want to see what it’s like to drive an electric car, and the idea of not having to pay for fuel is a particularly appealing one, make a booking for Ricardo’s Nissan Leaf on easyCar Club today!