Meet Richard – Champion of the Sharing Economy and our easyCar Club Hero

Richard with his JustPark parking space, his Airbnb house and his easyCar Club Car


It’s official – the Sharing Economy is growing fast. A September report by Nesta revealed that 25% of adults in the UK used the internet to share assets last year, showing that people are becoming more and more willing to trust other internet users with their property. Yet what many often forget is that collaborative consumption has existed, in some shape or form, since the internet began.

Richard, our easyCar Club Hero, is certainly no stranger to peer-to-peer communities. As an early adapter to the internet and an IT expert, Richard has always been one step ahead of other consumers when it comes to new and exciting online ideas. In the early 2000s, he began compiling a list of bookmarks titled ‘Sharing Economy’ – beginning with such websites as Zopa – so that he could track their progress and their success. Once adequate research had been done, Richard would sign up and get sharing. He is now a proud renter of his parking space (thanks to JustPark), his own house (via Airbnb) and, of course, his Ford Focus. Richard often receives simultaneous bookings with all three websites over the weekends, and he even offers on his Airbnb deal wherein renters can both stay at his house and drive his car around for the period.

It’s great to see such involvement in a new, fast-growing economy, and its even better to see just how successful he has been. He’s had 7 bookings since he joined up this year, and already has more lined up for the future. Not just that, he has also had repeat rentals and maintains a 5-star average rating on the site. He’s full of advice for other Owners, with the key piece of advice being a focus upon embracing the community. Since he often works from home, Richard chooses to hand over the keys in person. This is something which he says is helpful as it not only reminds the Renter that they are renting a personal car but it also allows him to establish a friendly relationship with his Renters, encouraging repeat rentals.

But embracing the community doesn’t just help with current bookings – it also helps him to secure future bookings and to allow members of his online community to get involved in the Sharing Economy. When he has had a good rental experience, or when he’s achieved a triple whammy weekend (simultaneous Airbnb, JustPark and easyCar Club bookings), he tweets about it to all of his followers. In this way, Richard truly understands the ‘Sharing’ nature of the Sharing Economy – that it is driven by community and is best spread by word-of-mouth.

As a forward-thinker who demonstrates the virtues in providing a fantastic car at a competitive price and in engaging with communities both online and offline, we’re proud to add Richard to our roster of easyCar Club Heroes. To book your rental with Richard’s Ford Focus, visit his profile page today!