Meet Sue – Our Hero in Scotland!

Due to the referendum last week, Scotland and its many virtues have been under the spotlight. For this reason, we are choosing this week to focus on the Scottish section of our community and the wonderful members who make it such a successful one. A country of deep cultural history and stunning landscapes, Scotland serves as a fantastic place for a day trip, a long holiday or, in the case of Sue, our Car Hero, permanent residence.

Balmoral Clock in Edinburgh – within driving distance of Sue and her car

After moving to Edinburgh last year, Sue and her husband, Trevor, found that their car was not getting much use. She thought it was a shame that it was sitting around in the driveway, especially since there are so many great places to see within driving distance of Edinburgh. The idea that she could earn some money whilst also making a positive environmental impact was an appealing one, so she listed their car on the easyCar Club website.

Sue says that one of the most useful aspects of the site is that she is able to choose the availability of the car by selecting the specific dates that she is not using on the calendar in her dashboard, but also that she can then choose to accept rental requests on a case-by-case basis. The fact that membership as either an Owner or a Driver is completely free and that she could choose to take her car off the site whenever she wanted, without penalty, meant that she had nothing to lose by giving it a go, and a lot to gain! Sue uses the money that she earns through the site to go toward the upkeep of the car, something that many of our Owners choose to do.

So far it has been a simple, well organised experience… our earnings are going towards the general upkeep of the car, so that it makes it more financially viable to keep it for when we do need to use it.

But easyCar Club isn’t just about making money, it’s also about engaging with others in a community. One of the key advantages to making a booking with easyCar Club over any other rental company is that you’re renting from a specific person. We’ve heard many stories of Drivers and Owners who have become friends after repeat rentals, or who have been able to establish professional contacts. The first person to rent Sue’s car needed it to take her work to an art fair and, since Sue has worked in this field before, she was able to have a chat with her and gain a new connection.

And this first rental was not the only time that Sue’s little black car has hauled fragile goods – it transported their goldfish on the 400-mile journey from Essex to Edinburgh when they moved North last year!


Sue’s Mazda 2

Her advice to Owners hoping to emulate her success is to ‘respond to requests as quickly as you can. It’s also worth checking the driver reviews before making your decision to rent out your car.’ She adds, too, that it is important to ensure that the car is clean and tidy before every rental. This way you will get a better rating and review from renters – two quality indicators which are very important to potential renters of your car. Sue also encourages Drivers to remember that these cars are owned by an individual, and politely asks them to return the car in the same condition as when it was received.

So, for those wishing to see the many virtues of Scotland for themselves, why not visit Edinburgh and take Sue’s five-star Mazda 2 for a spin?