Meet Ingrid – Our easyCar Club Hero

DSC00216As easyCar Club grows, we pride ourselves on being involved in communities all across the country. We may have started in London, but since we went national this year, we have gained members from Land’s End to John O’Groats, from Swansea to Lowestoft. We have found that there are hundreds of small rural communities throughout the UK who have already established a trusting and friendly relationship with one another. For these communities, easyCar Club is a no-brainer. We deal with the technical side of insurance and payment authorisation, so that our members need only to think about the rental itself.

When Ingrid, heard about us on the radio, she was somewhat doubtful that her car would get any rentals. Living in Crowthorne, a village located just South of Reading, she believed that there would not be enough demand for her car. However, since easyCar Club is completely free to join, she decided to give it a go anyway.



Ingrids 5-star Honda Jazz

To improve her chances of getting a rental, she referred to the welcome pack that we provide to all of our new Owners, which included stickers to apply to her car and advice on the best ways to let local people know that her car is available to rent.

It wasn’t long before Ingrid got a request for a 2-week rental. She accepted the request as soon as she could, and set to work preparing her car. Ingrid was aware that first impressions count, and that this first rental was the most important way to establish her reputation within easyCar Club. When the Driver arrived to pick up her Honda Jazz, she demonstrated all of its features and its quirks to ensure that he would get the best of the car. Ingrid’s efforts definitely paid off: she not only received a five-star review, but the Driver went on to make another booking with her a few weeks later. Ingrid has been able to use the money that she has earned through the site to fund the entertainment of her children over the Summer holiday period. Luckily, she’s also covered for Christmas, as she has an upcoming booking which will earn her almost £200 in just one rental.

I’ve found my Renters to be considerate and grateful for the convenience of hiring through a community contact. It’s the personal touch which helps make the whole experience go smoothly.

Her advice to fellow Owners is to take advantage of the ‘Market Value’ option, which sets her rental price at one which remains competitive with industry rates. Ingrid chose this option in order to encourage bookings and reviews from the outset, which helps to establish her in the community as a trusted Owner. Ingrid also allows her car to be booked instantly, which saves Drivers the time it takes to wait for a response.

If you’re planning on travelling in the Crowthorne area and need a car to take you from A to B and back again, make a booking to rent Ingrid’s Honda Jazz today by visiting her easyCar Club profile.