Meet our easyCar Club Hero – Andy

Andy, 27, has made over £1,000 by renting out his Peugeot 307 down the road from Clapham Common station. Since signing up in October last year, he has now had 29 bookings, and says that there is not one single renter who he would not rent his car to again in future. He puts it down to easyCar Club’s efficient renter vetting process which is carried out before a renter’s first booking, but we suspect it’s also down to his helpful, friendly and jovial nature.

easyCar Hero Photo

Choosing to rent out his car using the secure keysafe, offered to every car owner in the club, means that he is able to make money from his car even when he’s at work or away over the weekends. When asked what surprised him most about easyCar Club, he said, “One thing’s for sure, it’s been much less effort than I’d anticipated – it really doesn’t take much out of my day to prepare my car for a booking”.

Andy keeps in contact with his renters by phone or email, ensuring that first-time easyCar Club renters understand the rental process and that all renters are aware of the details of the car. This is a great way for him not just to ensure that the rental goes smoothly, but also a way of establishing a friendly and trustful relationship which means that the renter will be the first to turn to him when they next need a car. Checking up on renters after a rental can also bring unexpected stories to light – he found, once, that a renter who had rented his car for the Valentine’s day weekend had got engaged during the trip! We’re sure he’s waiting patiently for their request to use the car for the wedding…

Rent Andy’s Peugeot 307 through easyCar Club today!