Meet our Hero – Michael

Michael's Vauxhall Corsa

Michael’s Vauxhall Corsa

There are a number of reasons for joining easyCar Club as an Owner: there’s the opportunity to engage in one’s local community, to earn a little money from a car that gets little use and a passion for a greener form of transport. Michael joined in the hopes that he could offset the costs of his car ownership, but also wanted to become part of what he calls ‘the greenest form of motoring’.

11 months later, and Michael has certainly seen the financial results of joining easyCar Club. He has rented his car to around 30 of our Drivers, bringing him an additional income of around £1100. He only uses the car two or three times a week, so he ensures that his availability is set in advance to cater to his needs. He uses the money that he earns to reduce the cost of car ownership, so he still gets as much use of the car as he would have before, whilst having to pay considerably less for the pleasure.

Our Hero Michael, here presumably not driving his car

Our Hero Michael, here presumably not driving his car

He says that easyCar Club differed from his expectations due to how little effort it required. The process is seamless from start to finish, meaning that our Members spend less time doing administrative work and more time enjoying the benefits of peer-to-peer lending! He sees peer-to-peer lending on the whole as ‘the green affordable way forward for anything we own and don’t use all the time.’ We find that many of our Members join partly due to an ethical choice to help the environment and to reduce waste, and the financial incentive makes the process even sweeter! His advice to anybody considering joining easyCar Club? ‘Just do it.’

Visit his page now to check out his reviews and to rent out his car. But hurry, the beautiful weather will only last so long and demand for his car is already high!