Knowing Norwich: Family Attractions and Activities

The largely rural county of Norfolk on the east coast of England is a hugely popular tourist destination, with much to offer the whole family. The gently undulating countryside is perfect for exploring on foot, by bicycle or in your hire car if you wish to roam further afield. Norfolk offers adventure parks, a wealth of historical buildings, the picturesque Broads and some of the UK’s finest beaches.

So what can you expect to find on driving daytrips or long weekends away in this most charming and easy-going of counties? Here are some of our favourite family-friendly attractions and activities.

The Pleasure Beach, Great Yarmouth

The Pleasure Beach on Great Yarmouth’s Golden Mile is rated as one of the top ten leisure parks in the country, attracting over a million visitors each year. It’s a beguiling mix of traditional seaside as well as fairground rides and activities alongside white-knuckle rides such as the famous 22-metre high Skydrop.

Pleasure of Great Yarmouth beachEntry to the park is free. Spread over nine acres, this great attraction is full of all the things that kids and plenty of parents love to do. There are dodgems, go-karts, a fun house, the swinging pirate ship, twisters, waltzers, a haunted hotel and a 4D cinema. For adrenaline fans there’s a roller coaster, a log flume and the Mulan ride which whirls you around and plunges you into darkness. Not for the faint-hearted!


If your family feels like experiencing the life of royalty, then Sandringham is definitely the place to go. The much-loved Norfolk retreat of Her Majesty the Queen has, since 1862, been a home to four generations of the royal family. Sixty acres of beautiful gardens are open to the public and you can enjoy a tractor and trailer tour of the country park if you wish. Part of this historic building is also open to the public and there are knowledgeable guides in the rooms to answer your questions. The museum houses a wonderful collection of royal vehicles, fine ceramics, photographs and other regal memorabilia.

The Sea Life Centre, Great Yarmouth

All the exquisite beauty of the marine world is at your fingertips (sometimes literally) at this major environmental centre. There are more than a thousand examples of marine wildlife displayed in over sixty settings that reproduce as painstakingly as possible their natural environments.

Turtles, rays, crocodiles, penguins, starfish and seahorses are among the many fascinating marine creatures waiting to make your family’s acquaintance. Visitors can walk through a tunnel containing a million litres of water while sharks swim all around, giving a fantastic opportunity to get up close to these often misunderstood creatures. Interactive pools allow you to hold crabs, touch starfish and receive a manicure from an ever-efficient cleaning shrimp. Additionally, there are talks, educational workshops and feeding displays. Booking online can save you up to 30%, so book here to get tickets from just £10.50.


The family joy of BeWILDerment

Here is a place where children can enjoy the kind of childhood activities that were once common, and where parents can revisit their own childhoods for a magical day out. BeWILDerwood is an award-winning attraction and a forest full of family fun. This truly innovative adventure park is a wood full of joyous things such as tree houses, rope bridges and zip wires. You can build your own den and look for the wonderful creatures that live here and explore their hidden homes and follow their woodland trails. You can take a walk through the marsh, enjoy a boat trip and listen to some good, old-fashioned storytelling.

Norwich Castle

One of Norfolk’s premier visitor attractions, Norwich Castle is an amazingly well preserved 900 year old Norman fortress housing superb collections relating to archaeology, natural history and fine art. Touch screen displays tell the castle’s story and show how it has changed over the years, and child-friendly features include trail guides designed for various age groups. There’s the chance to dress up in period costume, take a tour of the dungeons, learn all about East Anglia’s very own Queen Boudicca and try out a replica of her war chariot. The castle battlements, 125 feet above street level, command a magnificent panoramic view of Norwich.

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