Owner Webinar Q&A Event


At easyCar Club, we care about building a sense of community with our members. That’s why last Tuesday, January 31st, we ran a Q&A webinar for owners and potential new owners. We were joined by two owners, John and Tess, who have been successfully renting out their cars with easyCar Club for some time. They kindly agreed to share some of the things that they have found most useful in renting out their car to others and to answer any questions from the audience about their experiences.


John, Islington – ‘The Organised User’
John, Islington

                               ‘I’ve got it down to a system and a science’

  • John has been on the club for two years and has made back the cost of his car and its running costs.
  • John has a very organised approach and contacts renters a week in advance of their booking. He has template emails and documents he sends out along with a scanned copy of his car’s condition report.
  • He says it only ‘takes a couple of minutes’ to make the process ‘clear and comprehensive’.
Tess – ‘The Give-and-Take User’


  • Tess was only using her car a couple of times a week, so decided to list it with the club. She has now been an easyCar Club owner for over two years.
  • She keeps her car available on request and uses a keysafe to get more rentals.
  • Tess maintains it is important to check your car, keep it clean and inform easyCar Club of any issues, but also to have a relaxed attitude.


We’ll be doing more Q&A sessions like this one in the future. Look out for details of our next online event.