Pinterest Worthy UK Paradises

Social media gets a bad rap nowadays, but its critics often forget the good that social sites do. With the advent of Facebook and Instagram, we can now have at the tap of a finger images of beautiful places taken by real people. Sites like Pinterest go one further by helping us to collect visuals that inspire our own travels and share images of our own trips alongside them. With that in mind, we’ve come up with some of the most photogenic places that more than deserve a place posted on your wall.

Malham Cove, Yorkshire


Grab your camera, hop into Jewel’s Ford Focus and head up to picturesque Yorkshire. Located in the north of the county, Malham Cove has one of the strangest and most photographable landscapes in England. The top of the cliff resembles a strange, cobblestone pavement. The limestone rock is folded into large groves forming a surreal, alien-planet-like surface. Make sure you take your pictures from low down to ensure you capture the drama of the rock creases. If you walk to the edge of the cliff you can see how it falls away in stages, like the steps of a Roman amphitheatre. At a dramatic 260-feet high the views from the top are worth capturing on film and the hight of the face from a distance also makes a great shot.


Penshaw Hill, Sunderland


Atop Penshaw Hill sits a folly that would provide any Pinterest aficionado with a well stocked board of pictures. A miniature replica of the Temple of Hephaestus in Athens, the memorial was built for the first Earl of Durham in 1844. Desiré’s Nissan Juke is a great car to hire to take you from the capital to stunning Sunderland. The site has great parking, so pull up and get ready to drain your phone’s battery by taking pictures. Outlined against the skyline, Penshaw Monument makes a striking silhouette and the setting sun slanting between the pillars greatly adds to the effect. In summer, you can climb to the top and take snaps of the views over the Wear Valley and out to the coast.


Portmeirion, North Wales


You can’t drive to Italy in five hours, but you can drive to the UK’s next best thing, Portmeirion in North Wales. Rent Syed’s BMW 1 Series and be transported to a photographer’s heaven. This pretty little town verges on the fantastical with colourful, Italian style buildings and sub-tropical woodland surroundings. Fill up your phone’s galley with photos of village’s plant life, including the unusual rhododendrons, rare redwoods, and the UK’s tallest Chilean maiten tree. Portmeirion’s cliff top location allows social media enthusiasts to take numerous pictures of the views towards Cardigan Bay. Also be sure to load your camera roll with images of the town’s ice cream coloured, art deco architecture and it’s quirky collection of religious iconography.


Brighton Pavilion, East Sussex


The Brighton Pavilion, like Portmerion, is another UK location where it feels like you have been transported another country. Rent Runu’s Vauxhall Corsa and drive from London to an exotic paradise in just two hours. Once a royal seaside residence, the pavilion was built in an opulent Indo-Islamic style with details borrowed from both Indian and Chinese architecture. The building and its grounds are so photogenic that they have been used a location for several movies and television shows, including Richard III and The Hairy Bikers. Sadly, photography isn’t permitted inside the pavilion, but there’s plenty outside to be captured. Snap away at the minarets, the onion shaped dome, porcelain pagodas and ornamental dragons. If you are visiting in spring or summer, make the most of having the gardens at their best by photographing the wildlife and blooming flowers.


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