Car Road Trip Essentials: The Ultimate List

shutterstock_421368118With cars being manufactured to such high specifications, these days you could practically live in one. Accommodating as they are, it still pays to be organised if you are heading on a road trip. Whether you are ready to dust off that old tent, or have found a quiet cottage to escape to, those who are going on a road trip this summer should remember these essentials.



Whatever you are doing, plan for the good old British weather. Known for being fairly unpredictable, our summers do love to take a turn. So, remember an umbrella and some layers – just in case! Sun-cream and sunglasses are also essential items that are often left behind. You can get sunburn in the car too – especially a convertible.


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Car games are a wonderful way to pass the time if travelling afar. There are plenty of good ones, you just need to be familiar with them. Check out this list of inspirational ideas. (Our favourite is The Movie Game.)

Quizzes are always a good idea – there are a huge selection of questions, here.


If you are journeying fairly long distances, ensuring the car is looked after is one of the most important things. Although easyCar Club offers breakdown assistance for major issues, things like spare washer fluid become invaluable if you head out onto the motorway and run out. Using some spare water can also do the trick.

A folding foil car sunshade can be a blessing on hot days, as you will actually be able to touch the steering wheel when you get inside.  



As well as remembering the car essentials, also think about how to look after yourself on route. A first aid kit may seem excessive, however if you are away from home it makes sense to have one just in case. A pack of refreshing breath mints can give you a new lease of life on a long journey, and a playlist of your favourite music is essential!



If you’re feeling fancy, invest in a cool box for picnics and camping. Pack plenty of water, remembering to keep hydrated. The food you might require on route depends to some extent on the activities you’ll be doing. High energy snacks are perfect for hiking, and generally tidy foods are more fitting on a road trip.



There are plenty of adaptors on the market, and it makes sense to bring USB adapters to charge those all-so-important devices.

If you are going somewhere unfamiliar, some sort of GPS is pretty compulsory in the modern day. However, there is no substitute for a real map – sometimes technology fails and it’s best to have a backup.