What sort of car should I rent?

The Compact Hatchback

Smaller cars really do have their advantages. Typically, a hatchback is a popular choice due to its appearance – often the model can be distinctive (think Mini Cooper, Fiat 500) and appealing to look at. Due to their smaller footprint, hatchbacks are most often much easier to park, and driving is straightforward and fun! On top of this, although many hatchbacks only have three doors, most will have fold-down seats which massively increases their boot space. This means you can get the same (or more) boot space than a larger car, without having to actually drive (or park) one. The smaller easyCar Club cars are often extremely good value, however many will only carry 4 people and are not as spacious as bigger cars, so bear this in mind. We think they are most suitable for two people with lots of luggage, or a group who aren’t travelling a long distance.    

Those looking for an economical runaround for a weekend getaway, should check out Charlotte’s lovely Fiat 500:


The Standard Saloon

A slightly larger car’s main selling point is usually comfort. Not only are the seats designed with spaciousness in mind, these cars can also be much better than hatchbacks with regards to NVH factors (noise, vibration and harshness). Both these characteristics allow for smooth and pleasant journeys, making this style of car perfect for long distance driving. Saloons (or sedans) can be economical to drive, and their five doors and seats make it easy to take the family away. It’s worth reminding yourself that these cars are usually restricted by their boot height, meaning that it can be difficult to pack taller items.

Henry’s Audi A4 is very well-reviewed and comes with a SatNav. Take a look, here.


The Premium SUV

SUVs are popular for many reasons. Some people enjoy the extra height when compared to other models – this means your vision of the road ahead (and the views) are better. It goes without saying that these cars are spacious, and both driver and passengers get a relaxing, roomy experience on the road. They are also great for lots of luggage, and some SUVs have capacity for 7 people, providing flexibility. However, probably the best reason for renting one is that they are just really cool!

To travel in style, it’s got to be Dianna’s beautiful Range Rover Evoque. This particular model has all the upgrades to enhance driver experience.


For a seven seater SUV, try Stephen’s Vauxhall Zafira.


Luxury Convertible

Sometimes the ride itself is the main reason behind renting a car. High-end cars are powerful, so the drive is exciting and becomes a highlight of the day. Luxury cars are perfect for weddings and special events as they stand out and become a talking point. Getting from A to Bin a showstopper is a thrilling experience, and using an easyCar Club car can be a cost-effective way of doing so.

We think Giuseppe’s Maserati GT is the perfect snazzy car for a day in the spotlight!