The Year-round Appeal of Renting Convertibles

Most people consider convertibles to be purely summer cars, after all, everyone can see the attraction of renting an open-topped car and heading off into the sunshine! Convertibles, however, have more year round appeal than you would think:

Enjoy variety. Convertibles come in a range of sizes from small vehicles to high performance sport cars. Opt for a nippy city car for your daytrip into town or treat yourself to an evening ride in one of our more prestigious brands of car. There is no better way to impress your friends or your date than arriving in a convertible!

Connect to the elements. Whether the sun is shining or not, nothing beats an open air driving experience. Feel the wind in your hair and get some fresh air whilst on the go.

Luxury features. Special features can be found in luxury and normal convertibles alike. Enjoy leather interiors, Bluetooth capability, cruise control, heated seats, and iPod docks in many of the convertibles available on easyCar Club.

Here’s a selection of some of our most popular convertibles:


Catherine’s Saab 9-3


Catherine’s Saab has had 43 rentals and an average rating of 5 stars. Catherine says: ‘Nothing beats the thrill of the wind in your hair as you swoosh around in a well engineered car.’

Shabana’s Mini Cooper S Cabriolet


Shabana’s Mini Cooper has an average rating of 5 stars. easyCar Club member Richard describes it as the ‘best hire car experience’ he has have ever had!

Thomas’ Renault Megane Coupe Cabriolet

Tower Hamlets

Thomas’ Renault has an average rating of 5 stars. Charles, a renter, said ‘Tom was super helpful, the car was a great price and we had loads of fun with the roof down.’

Nowi’s Saab 9-3


‘A great ride, especially with the roof down, and very economic as well’ said renter Sebastian. Nowi’s Saab has an average rating of 5 stars.

Rohini’s Mini Convertible


Rohini’s Mini has had 28 rentals and an average rating of 5 stars. ‘I am already thinking of an excuse to hire it again!’ said renter Denise.

Graham’s Mazda MX-5


Graham’s Mazda has had 42 rentals and an average rating of 5 stars. Jonathan, when reviewing the car, said ‘Graham was extremely helpful and courteous and his MX-5 is brilliant fun to drive and provided in fantastic condition.’

 Natasha’s Mini Convertible


Natasha’s Mini has had 22 rentals and an average rating of 5 stars. Renters praise Natasha on her friendly manner and accommodating nature.

 Susie’s Fiat 500


Susie’s Fiat has had 34 rentals and an average rating of 5 stars. ‘Renting Susie’s little yellow car was a complete joy. Nothing like driving through the Cotswolds with the roof down!’ said renter Paul.


Don’t let the British weather dissuade you from trying out a convertible, whatever the time of year.