Top Tips from our Top Members

In a regular segment on our blog, we speak to our most successful owners to find out about their experiences with the club and to provide guidance to our newer members. They are always full of great advice to both owners and renters, advice which can be applied to both the car club and the sharing economy as a whole. Here we collect our top tips from our top members:


  • Have an appropriate mindset about your car –trust that others will use it responsibly and remember how much you’re helping the community by offering it on the site.
  • Self-marketing is also key – Ricardo lets other workers and students at the university know of the car that he has to offer and even offers discount rates to his friends.
  • He also shares his easyCar Club profile on his Twitter page for maximum exposure on and off campus.

Andy:easyCar Hero Photo

  • Andy keeps in contact with his renters by phone or email, ensuring that first-time easyCar Club renters understand the rental process and that all renters are aware of the details of the car. This is a great way for him not just to ensure that the rental goes smoothly, but also a way of establishing a friendly and trustful relationship which means that he is the first port of call for the renter’s next rental.


  • Ingrid suggests taking advantage of the ‘Market Value’ pricing option, which sets her rental price at one which remains competitive with industry rates. Ingrid chose this in order to encourage bookings and reviews from the outset, which helps to establish her in the community as a trusted Owner.
  • Ingrid also allows her car to be booked instantly, which saves Drivers the time it takes to wait for a response.


  • Richard advises to embrace the community. When he has had a good rental experience, or when he’s achieved a triple whammy weekend (simultaneous Airbnb, JustPark and easyCar Club bookings), he tweets about it to all of his followers. In this way, Richard truly understands the ‘Sharing’ nature of the Sharing Economy – that it is driven by community and is best spread by word-of-mouth.


  • Keep your car clean and in good condition, and maintain friendly and informative communication before, during and after the rental period.


  • Just do it!

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