Winter Weekends (Embrace or Escape the Cold)

At this time of year there’s a chill in the air, frost on the ground and a bite to the wind. Some of us shrink from these colder conditions, others of us throw ourselves into enjoying the bracing weather. Whichever type you belong to, it is a shame to waste your winter days off – we only get fifty-two weekends a year, after all – so we’ve come up with some great winter trips for both cold lovers and cold haters.


Embrace the Cold


Skiing in Scotland

Canada has Whistler-Blackcomb, Switzerland has St Moritz, and France has Val d’Isère, but why fly away for a skiing holiday when you can drive. Rent with easyCar Club and hit the slopes in Scotland. All five of Scotland’s ski resorts are easily accessible from the major cities, making it easy to enjoy some off piste fun. Rent Elysia’s Audi A4 from Glasgow or Liviu’s Vauxhall Insignia from Aberdeen and be carving away the snow in just a couple of hours. There are great runs for both snowboarders and skiers, no matter what experience level. After all, there’s no better way to embrace the winter chill than hurtling down a mountain at 30mph!


Winter Survival Courses

Winter Survival Course

Speeding through the cold air on a pair of skis sound tame to you? Embark on a winter survival or bushcraft course to fully immerse yourself in the coldest season. There are a good number of different options around the UK, so you won’t have to drive far to test your wits against the weather. These courses aren’t for the fainted hearted though, especially in the depths of winter. On even the most basic courses, you’ll need to build your own shelter and fire, plus learn how to track and gather food. On the more intense courses, lessons in crampon use, ice walking and avalanche awareness are taught. Bringing the correct kit is essential to be able to endure the cold, so travelling in a sturdy vehicle with lots of space, like James’ Suzuki Grand Vitara, is a must.


Escape the Cold

Bath Spa

Bath Spa

Sinking into a hot bath at the end of a long, cold day is an incredible feeling, but why be limited by the scale of your bathroom tub? Immerse yourself in the steaming waters of Bath Spa. Complete with natural thermal waters and steam rooms, Bath Spa is the perfect place to cocoon yourself away from the winter world. First, swim in the spa’s heated roof top pool and survey the city of Bath from above without worrying about the chilly weather. Next, relax your frozen muscles with a warming mud wrap or a hot stone massage. For a complete relaxation experience, book Alexis’s BMW 3 Series to travel there in style.


Hothouses at Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

The gloomy weather and sparse greenery of a UK winter can be enough to stop even the most ardent of nature lovers from venturing out. But don’t despair, the greenhouses at Kew Gardens provide a lush, steamy environment all year round. Dash from the balminess of the Waterlily House to the humidity of the Palm House, before stopping for tea in the Orangery.

With a warming brew in your tummy, next explore The Princess of Wales Conservatory. With ten climatic zones, this sprawling glasshouse covers ecosystems as diverse as rainforests, swamps, savannahs, and deserts. Heated partly by the sun and partly by conventional methods, the building is designed to conserve heat, making it a perfect winter escape! You won’t get cold if you rent Sheran’s BMW 7 Series to travel to the botanic gardens. This model of BMW has a powerful heater which warms the car by an impressive thirty degrees in just eleven minutes!

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